Reseda d.o.o. Nova vas pri Markovcih 114, 2281 Markovci, Slovenija

Code of ethics

Responsible attitude towards employees


All Reseda employees are proactive in their work, responsible, honest and fair, and perform their assigned tasks. We respect the rights and dignity of all people, and create equal conditions for all employees.

We are aware that successful business and set objectives can only be achieved with motivated and satisfied employees, so we strive to create a positive working environment.


At Reseda, we endeavour to create a healthy and safe working environment without discrimination based on gender, race, age, health status, religion, political or other beliefs, family status, financial status, sexual orientation or other personal circumstances.

We do not tolerate behaviour in the workplace that creates a negative or offensive work environment.

We provide employees with standards of conduct to prevent discrimination and forbidden interference with the personality and dignity of employees, as defined by law and the constitution.


We create an inclusive, positive and diverse environment for all employees, in which they are treated with dignity and respect.

We respect Slovenian and, due to the specificity of our work, also international legislation.


Reseda company assets, such as equipment, devices and other equipment used by employees in their work, can only be used for work for the benefit of the company and for purposes approved by superiors. In doing so, we are obliged to use the assets with the necessary care.


When using information and communication technology, all employees protect computer passwords for accessing databases and applications.

We only use software that we are authorised to use and may not install new software without permission. We do not visit harmful and prohibited content on the Internet. We use online content exclusively for work and tasks performed in the workplace.


Information can only be provided to the public by the management or persons authorised by the management. If journalists or other persons address questions to an employee who is not authorised to provide information to the public, they are obliged to refer them to their superior. Employees must be aware that the authorised or random provision of information to the public creates the public image of Reseda, and that as such we are jointly responsible for the company’s reputation.


We strive to develop good relationships with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, based on trust as our core value. We observe good business practice in our relationships.

The satisfaction of our customers and other business partners is the fundamental guide of our business. We are a reliable, transparent and trustworthy business partner.

All employees are committed to protecting the environment and preventing environmental pollution, and to carrying out activities in a way that minimises risks to the natural environment.

Employees must be careful when handling substances hazardous to the environment, and follow prescribed methods of reporting and conduct in the event of extraordinary events.


At Reseda, we are aware that our local environment is an important partner. We communicate with our local environment openly and honestly. With donations and sponsorships, as well as with socially beneficial, cultural and sports projects, we support the wider local community.

Have you ever thought about what you can do for the company, not just what the company can do for you?

Thank you for being Reseda!


Reseda’s management encourages all employees to behave responsibly and respect the provisions of Reseda’s Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics applies to all employees and persons working on behalf of the company. Violation of the Code may be considered a breach of employment contract.

If employees identify conduct that is contrary to legislation, internal acts and procedures, Reseda policy, relevant practices or provisions of this Code, they must submit a report by email to, where all reports are processed in accordance with the highest professional, ethical and moral standards.

Employees who file a report or in any way assist in an investigation, provide information or otherwise act in the best interest of the company will not be subject to retaliation, and their identity will be protected and treated confidentially.

Reseda does not tolerate sexual and physical harassment, intimidation, mobbing or retaliation, and will protect any employee who, in the interests of welfare, reports objectionable conduct.


The company undertakes to conduct business relations with customers honestly, loyally and professionally, taking into account applicable regulations, agreed quality and service standards, and applicable contracts. During business negotiations, the company will provide clear, accurate and truthful information, and then accept contractual restrictions and undertake to fulfil them conscientiously.

The selection of potential customers and the determination of sales conditions for the company’s goods and/or services must be based on objective assessments of financial position, quality and reliability, as well as other important characteristics, and adhere to the existing procedures applicable in the company.

In the customer selection process, it is necessary to obtain all available information about the customers, which includes not only the usual business evaluations, but also the verification of potential connections with persons and activities that are part of criminal organisations.

Gathering customer data must take place both at the beginning and during the establishment of a business relationship in order to verify the correctness of business and administrative data and compliance with the company’s requirements in a wider time frame, and especially the reliability of customers.

The company directs its activity in a way to ensure customer satisfaction and customer protection, and is open to all their requests that could help to improve products and services. Therefore, it is guided by high quality standards when it comes to innovation and marketing of products and services.

The company undertakes to respond to proposals and complaints from customers and representative organisations in a timely manner and with appropriate means of communication. The company also undertakes to keep all official data and documents relating to their customers for as long as required by law. Documents must be stored in a way that guarantees transparency and traceability of every contractual relationship with customers. In general, any conduct that would harm customers is prohibited.


In relations with suppliers, the company acts according to the principles of transparency, equality, loyalty, impartiality, economic efficiency, and avoids business relations that would be a source of personal benefits and conflicts of interest.

The selection of suppliers is carried out on the basis of objective criteria that can be documented and based on the search for the best balance between cost and quality. The company also takes into account the economic, business, financial and technical situation of the supplier and the transparency of the origin of the purchased products, as it wants to avoid the purchase of products of illegal origin, such as counterfeit or stolen products.